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  • Play This, Not That: Eternal Sonata Vs. Tales of Symphonia

    The first episode of (hopefully) a series of blog posts that pits games from older generations against each other, with a recommendation to play one, but not the other. This post looks at two JRPGs with similar pedigrees and designs: Eternal Sonata (2007) and Tales of Symphonia (2004).
  • Game Companies: Stop Treating your Customers Like Crap

    Game companies consistently make the mistake of taking their customers' passion and dedication for granted, and it often ends in disaster. This post examines a recent example, Cyberpunk 2077, and posits a theory as to WHY companies keep making this same mistake.
  • How to Buy a TV or Monitor For Gaming

    With the PS5/Xbox Series X coming out soon, you might be thinking about buying a new TV or monitor. Unfortunately, display companies make the decision-making process as confusing as possible (likely on purpose). To combat the intentional misinformation, here's a guide that (should) make things a little clearer.