• Tales of Arise Review: Bigger (but Not Better) than Ever

    This post tales look at Tales Of Arise, examining what it got right, what it got wrong, and where the series might go from here.
  • Play This, Not That: Eternal Sonata Vs. Tales of Symphonia

    The first episode of (hopefully) a series of blog posts that pits games from older generations against each other, with a recommendation to play one, but not the other. This post looks at two JRPGs with similar pedigrees and designs: Eternal Sonata (2007) and Tales of Symphonia (2004).
  • Game Companies: Stop Treating your Customers Like Crap

    Game companies consistently make the mistake of taking their customers' passion and dedication for granted, and it often ends in disaster. This post examines a recent example, Cyberpunk 2077, and posits a theory as to WHY companies keep making this same mistake.
  • Anime is Crumbling Under The Pressure To Make Money

    Anime in 2020 is going through a rough transitional period: consumers are expecting great things from the medium, but aside from a few standout shows from the past few years, the industry seems like it can't quite deliver on these expectation. This post outlines how the industry got to this point, and also outlines three major symptoms of an anime that has fallen victim to the pressures of money-making meddling, and should be avoided.
  • Why Start a Blog in 2020?

    Is there any point to starting a blog in 2020, as opposed to starting a YouTube channel? Or posting on Reddit? Or vlogging on Twitch? I think there is.
  • About This Site

    How's it going? Thanks for stopping by. Below you'll find a meta blog post about this site, why it was created, how it was created, and what kind of content you'll expect to find.