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About Me

I'm a professional software developer with a variety of interests. I'm a jack-of-all trades, master-of-none. I don't have any particular specialty, and I don't excel in any particular area. But I'm pretty stubborn, so I'm usually able to handle most tasks given to me.

The coolest programming project I've ever completed on my own is linked here. It started as a failed Master's Degree project, but I continued working on it after my degree, and managed to find success.

Why "Never Meant"?

Why not? Something things are never meant to be.

What Kind of Content Should I Expect on This Blog?

Lots of different things! Below are some examples:

  • General Technology Posts and How-Tos
  • Programming Tutorials
  • Short Essays and Opinions
  • Video game / Anime / Music Reviews and Analyses
  • Much more!

I'm the only contributor to this blog, but I wouldn't be opposed to guest contributions!

How Frequently Will This Site be Updated?

Probably about once a week, as long as I'm the only contributor.

Why This Blog Exists

It exists because I simply enjoy writing about things that interest me. But the answer obviously doesn't end there. If it did, then why wouldn't I simply post to Facebook, or Reddit, or one of the other big information/content aggregation platforms?

When I first started writing this "About" page, I began by indiscriminately dumping my pent-up frustrations about how coporate, soulless, and lame the mainstream internet has become. I soon realized that I had a lot more to say on the subject than I realized, so I moved it to its own separate post.

If you don't want to read that post, then the short version is that these big content aggregation companies like reddit, facebook and twitter wield too much power over the internet: they're designed to stamp out smaller voices like my own, and amplify the large, big brand voices (like corporations, businesses, etc). This, obviously, makes the internet a lame and uninteresting place. By starting a blog (and maybe inspiring others to do the same), I hope to decentralize some of that power, making the internet a better place. "Restoring its former glory", if you will.

What Kind of Privacy Concerns Should I Have While Using Your Site?

I've taken great care to ensure that this site is as minimally invasive as possible. There are no ads or trackers, and no social media integration of any kind. I use google fonts and occasionally embed youtube links, but that's about it.

How should I contact you if I have comments, questions, or concerns?

Each article has it's own comments section, and I moderate / review the comments pretty regularly. But if you want to contact me directly, you can email me directly at:

domain = "";

Is This Site Monetized in Any Way?

Nope. Nothing on this site is monetized, and content that I write about won't be sponsored or monetarily-supported in any way. The only thing you'll see on this site is a donation link at the top of each article, where you can make a one time or continuous donation, which will go to site costs (and maybe some toys for my dog). It also simply gives people a way to let me know that they support my content.

How This Site Was Created

This site was created with Nuxt.js, generated statically (using their "content" module) using nuxt-generate and hosted on GitHub pages. Miraculously, I managed to do it using the following tech stack:

  • Macbook running Bootcamp, running...
  • Windows with Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL2) installed, running...
  • Ubuntu

I ran into a few problems with this setup (a few bootcamp-related issues, and then a few WSL2-related issues), but miraculously, this all seemed to work out. I'll write a tutorial later with a more in-depth explanation later, but I followed this guide as the foundation. It'll be a shame when Apple takes away Bootcamp (when Apple giveth, they take away twice as much), but for now, I love the flexibility that their Intel-based Macs offer. RIP Intel.

As for my feelings about Nuxt.js: it's very opinionated, meaning that it values convention over configuration, which I'm not a huge fan of. I like my code explicit and verbose, rather than implicit and magical. And like all other modern web development stacks, when things don't work, they fail spectacularly. Obtuse error messages that read like an ancient foreign language, stack traces a million lines long, etc. That may not really a fault of Nuxt.js, but rather its underlying technologies (webpack, babel, etc), but it still makes Nuxt.js a little unpleasant to debug.

But when things work, damn, do they work. Nuxt.js got this blog up and running very quickly. In particular, its static site generation and content modules are amazing. And because it's statically generated, it's fast as hell to load and use. So overall, my opinion of Nuxt.js is positive, and I'm curious to see how it evolves over time.

I also chose Vuetify for the Material Design theme library. I appreciate the work that its maintainers do, but for whatever reason, I have run into many, many issues along the way: build issues, style issues, buggy animations, documented features not quite working right, etc. My suspicion is that is probably works great with client side rendering. So just a word of caution if you decide to pick up Nuxt.js with Vuetify.

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